"Our experience and competence - they can work for you too."

- E. Marinov, CEO of GBB Group

As an international export oriented company, we operate daily in a vast and highly competitive market of 670 million potential consumers, where only the most capable professionals can achieve success.

Our strategic vision for the evolution of our business is led by several simple rules:

– Uncompromising quality at always competitive prices;
– Innovation and a growing portfolio of more than 1400 own products;
– Customer oriented service carried out by a multinational team of knowledgeable professionals and technologists, who have many years of experience and continuously improve their qualifications and skills in our own Technikum (Research & Development Center);
– Substantial experience, competence and knowledge of the characteristics, regulations and requirements of the international markets.


The group of companies - Komers MM Ltd. and GBB Group Ltd. - was established in Sofia, Bulgaria and started to trade successfully with spices, functional additives and seasoning mixtures for the meat processing industry in Bulgaria.
By starting to trade with equipment for the meat processing industry, we effected a strong growth. The professional technical department with engineers and service technicians was established. In October 2004 a new office and production building in Sofia with a total area of 2400 m2 was opened. Proudly we claim to be able to offer for the service of our customers and for experimental and testing purposes one of the most advanced technology centers in South East Europe.
Creation of the quality brand Galleon Spice presenting high-quality seasoning blends.
Export Veterinary Certificate ISO Certificate 9001:2000 for the production of additives and seasoning blends for the meat processing industry
Bio Certificate –Processing and Trade of organic spices and ingredients
Renewal of the ISO Certificate 9001:2008
GBB Group achieved more than 35% market share in the Bulgarian market with seasonings and blended additives for the meat processing industry in the Bulgarian market. Investment into optimal equipment for the laboratory to monitor each batch of raw material when entering the warehouse and to check the finished products before dispatch to the customers. Our methods secure full traceability of each product and batch. Acquisition of the first foreign affiliate in Russia with an extensive distribution network in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Foundation of a distribution company in Moscow. New business relationship with Turkey.
Commercial relations with Spain established. Licensed supplier for one of the leading German supermarket chains in Bulgaria.
Halal Certificate Approved supplier for Nestle - one of the leading food companies in the world. Implementation of a project for energy management which will significantly reduce the energy needs. Galleon Spice GmbH an own subsidiary company in Germany was founded with the objective to distribute our products in Western and Central Europe. Certification “IFS Food Version 6 at Higher Level”
The company won Excellent SME certificate. The certificate is based on a credit report and regular performance monitoring conducted by Coface.
Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Company’s founding.
Certification of IFS version 8

Our Technikum

We believe expertise comes with experience.

GBBG Technikum

Our Technikum is a pilot-plant where we organise practical workshops for our customers.

We value our customers’ projects and are ready to co-work with them in our pilot plant in order to
achieve the best possible results. Here is the place where we can discuss the requirements with the
customer, make trials and redefine the recipes if necessary till we get the desired result.

Facility equipment

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to maintain the high standards we are following.


We operate on several production lines, including one dedicated line for Halal only products


The pilot plant is equipped with a cutter for trial works.


Tumblers with separate chambers for parallel trials.